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16th Jan 2019 - Not sure how leasing works and need to speak to a human? Technology not working for you? Call us and we will guide and hand hold you through the whole process from quotation to delivery using our 28 yrs leasing expertise. Trust what our customers say and not us - take a look at our testimonials page to see more.
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I have been very happy with the way I have been looked after by Howlett Leasing in every respect. They are always courteous, friendly and helpful and I have found them easy to deal with. I would be pleased to recommend their services to anyone.

Mr Chris Crace, Sudbury, Suffolk

The whole process from start to finish has been so easy and straightforward. None of my questions were too much for Stacey and although I am not the easiest customer Stacey found the perfect car for me in very short timscales!

Sarah Boxall, Suffolk

Fantastic service from Stacey she is very helpful and answered all my questions, nothing was too much hassle and the car is perfect. Speedy delivery with a pleasant man who went through all I need to know about the car.
Thank you, I will be recommending Howlett leasing to everyone.

Yasmin Collard, Essex

Low CO2 emission of 49 g/km benefitting the drive and cheap monthly rentals benefitting the company was our main reason for purchasing

Spraybooth Technology, Suffolk

Fantastic service from start to finish, Can not recommend Stacey and Howlett Leasing enough. Very personal and efficient with second to none competitive quotes.

Marcus Jorge, Essex

Howlett Leasing supplied me with my work van and the service Stacey gave me out of this world! Not only did she give me the best price out of all the quotes, the service was by far the best! I won't shop around next time and waste my time, I'll go straight to Howlett Leasing!

Limelight Design, Bury St Edmunds

Just to say what great service from Howlett of Lavenham as well as Howlett Leasing. Very friendly and helpful.

Nicola Stratton, Sudbury, Suffolk

Stacey at Howlett Leasing provided my new Seat Ibiza and it's fab, so much easier than messing about buying one. Great job and and easy service.

Pip Salt, Dunmow, Essex

I've had 20+ years of experience of using Howletts and Howlett Leasing. The personal, family service is second to none and both the offer, pricing and support is excellent. I would never hesitate to recommend Stacey and Howlett Leasing - no matter your vehicle or funding requirements...

Simon Verona, Sheffield

It was one of my best decisions to deal with Howlett leasing, found them very helpful they explained to me everything and the best options that will fit with in my budget and very very good costumer services.

Thank you Stacey

Esat Murati Luna Construcions Ltd


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The truth about winter tyres

With colder weather on its way, now is the time to consider fitting your car with winter tyres.

The fundamental difference between standard, ‘summer’ tyres and winter tyres is their intended optimum operating temperature. While summer tyres are designed to do their best work in warmer temperatures, winter tyres work best at seven degrees celsius and below. According to industry body TyreSafe, “the tread compound in winter weather tyres contains more natural rubber and advanced silica compounds to minimise the hardening effect [of summer tyres in cold weather], giving extra grip and shorter stopping distances in cold, damp conditions”. This means that even if you don’t plan to tackle ice and snow on a day-to-day basis, winter tyres are still the best option for any driving when temperatures drop.

If you’re used to driving in winter conditions on summer tyres, taking to the road with a good set of winter tyres will feel much better by comparison. According to tyre maker Continental, a car fitted with winter tyres can come to a stop from 31mph in 35 metres on snow – eight metres shorter than if it was running on summer tyres. That’s a difference of about twice the length of a small hatchback, or one-and-a-half zebra crossings. When driving at 18mph on ice, the difference is even more pronounced, with summer tyres taking 11 metres more to stop. That’s the length of a double-decker bus.

Pretty much any tyre stockist will be able to sell you a set of winter tyres. But it’s less common that a high-street independent retailer will also be able to supply a set of wheels to fit them to. Larger specialists are more likely to be able to help, but a main dealer will certainly be able to supply the correct wheels you’ll need.

While it makes sense to stick to known brands when buying winter tyres, cheaper options are available if your budget is particularly tight. In fact, buying the most expensive winter tyre you can find doesn’t guarantee the best performance, as our Best Winter Tyres 2017 test revealed. Big names like Michelin and Dunlop trailed behind some cheaper rubber, including a stellar performance from Nokian. To minimise cost in the long run, we recommend fitting your winter tyres to a second set of wheels. This way, your winter tyres can be saved for when the winter months and set aside when it brightens up again. You’ll get a few seasons’ use out of one set, rather than replacing them unnecessarily. The added outlay of a new set of wheels may be hard to afford, but you’ll save in the long run. Prices for a set of winter tyres depend entirely on the size of your car and the brand you choose; prices for a good set start at around £200 if you own a small city car, climbing to four figures if you own a particularly large or specialist car. It’s worth considering a spare wheel shod with a winter tyre, too, as tyre-busting potholes caused by ice expanding in cracks in the road are a particular problem in winter. Run-flat winter tyres, which remain usable even after a puncture, are also available.

You can buy winter tyres all year round, but TyreSafe suggests that winter tyres are “the safest option from October through to March”, when the British weather tends to be at its coldest.

Used as intended in colder conditions, an average set of winter tyres should last about as long as an average set of summer tyres. However, if you leave your winter tyres on your car all year, they’ll quickly wear out as their softer rubber isn’t designed for warmer conditions. Not only that, but stopping distances increase and both grip and traction will suffer. It’s best to use the right tyre for the right weather conditions.

You can store them yourself, but they need to be placed in a cool, dark and reasonably well ventilated room in order to preserve their lifespan. Continental suggests inflating them to 1 bar (about 14.5psi) and hanging them from the wheel spokes. Check with your alloy wheel manufacturer to check this is OK first, as hanging them incorrectly could damage them. If you need to pile up winter tyres, you should restack them every month. If your tyres aren’t fitted to a wheel, they must be stood on a tyre rack and rotated every month.

One of the main reasons for buying a four-wheel -drive car is improve grip and safety in inclement weather. Many owners take comfort in their car’s four-wheel -drive system when the temperature drops, but this confidence could be misplaced if summer tyres are still fitted. Pair up four-wheel -drive with snow tyres, however, and you maximise the extra grip on offer. In fact, you might be surprised by the difference, especially on snow and ice. The ultimate combination for winter driving is unquestionably four-wheel drive and winter tyres.

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Posted on 9th January 2019 at 11:58 AM

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